Guangzhou Sese Printing Co., Ltd.
Основные продукты:Печатание карты; Печатание книги; Печатание тетради; Печатание коробки
Место в рейтинге 7 бестселлеры в Бумага и картон для печатиTotal staff (150)Annual export US $2,305,803ODM services availableMinor customization
More than 10 years manufacturing experience. 200 customers from all over the world! Guangzhou SESE Printing Co., Ltd specialize in printing and have over 15 years experience in this area.
At provide best service to our customers and concentrate on building a long-term partnership with our customers which leading us to create a win-win situation. We are committed to putting our customers as the first priority, by providing high quality products, integrity, honesty and accountability in our worldwide business.